Mahia Surfing 

Come and enjoy surfing on the Mahia Peninsula!!

So good are the surfing conditions, many famous surfers have been spotted surfing here since the 50's. Mahia has numerous surf breaks that entice surfers from around the world. Blacks Beach, the first break you hit on the way to Mahia, has a reef break and acts as a swell magnet.

Mahia Peninsula is a Surfing Mecca

Situated on the sunny East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand, and includes some of the best waves and surf locations in the country.

Mahia has an excellent reputation for delivering reliable, consistent and high-quality surf in almost any weather condition.

Water temperatures in winter can get cold and a 3/4 steamer is recommended.

In the height of summer you can surf without a wetsuit although most surfers wear springsuits for those longer sessions.

The Mahia Peninsula's shape and geographical features mean that there is great diversity in the types of breaks and swell direction - with beach, point and reef breaks picking up swells from the north, east and south.

  • Last Chance: NE-SE swells with W-SW offshores. Left and right hand reef breaks. Fast, exciting surf. Access over private land, permission required. 3 to 10ft.Mahanga: Beach break and left hand point break in SE-NE swells with W-SW offshores. Easy access.
  • The Spit: A very full-on left hand barrel breaking off the end of a long natural rock spit. Only for experienced surfers. Takes E and N swells with SE and NE offshores. Best when big from 4ft to 12ft. Easy access from road.
  • Mahia Reefs: Two adjacent reefs breaking 100m offshore. Optimum conditions same as for the spit. Right handers breaking from 1 to 5ft.
  • Boat Harbour: A very fast, walling right hander breaking on a reef into a boat harbour inlet. N to E swells with S-SE offshores. Definitely for experienced surfers only. 3ft to huge. On occasion - when the conditions are just right - Boat Harbour tums on one of the meanest, fastest, hollowest right-hand surf breaks in the country.
  • Diners: (Should be Dinah's Beach, I think). A remote reef and beach break beach taking S to NE swells towards the tip of the peninsula. N-NE offshores. 2 to 6ft. A long drive along a windy gravel road. Dont get lost.
  • Opoutama: Long, sandy beach break taking S-SW swells with N-NE offshores. Variety of beach breaks. Easy access.
  • Annihilation: Big, powerful, challenging right hand reef break breaking onto rocks (actually, a disintegrated breakwater built many decades ago to guard the entrance to Waikokopu Harbour).. SW'SE swells with W-NW offshores. 4 to 12ft. Experienced surfers only. Easy access from Waikokopu.
  • Rolling Stones: Right-hand point break in S-SW swells with N-NE offshores. Big surf from 4 to 15ft. Tricky access over private land, permission needed.
  • Blacks Reef: Very consistent right-hand reef break onto a black sand beach. SW to E swells with N'NE offshores. 2 to 8ft. Easy access from road. Black's is one of the most consistent surf breaks in New Zealand and you are almost guaranteed of finding waves of reasonable quality at least once or twice a week at this spot.