Mahia Fishing and Diving

Fishing and Diving are obvious attractions of Mahia.

Boat launching facilities on both sides of the peninsula allow access to excellent fishing and dive spots in almost any type of weather. Fresh fish, paua, kina and crayfish are easy to find, and you are always guaranteed to come home with some fresh seafood for the family. There are over 20 shipwrecks around the Mahia peninsula so the fish life is spectacular, and plenty of interesting dive spots.

Snapper, groper, kingfish, tarakahi and crayfish are popular catches at Mahia, and famous shipwrecks to dive include the Tasmania, Tongariro and the Alexander Newton.

There are often dolphins and whales around the peninsula which are normally in the mood to follow alongside the boat.

Mahia also provides Fishing & Diving charters which are proven to be very popular, and also the local Dive & Fishing shop can assist you with your diving or fishing needs.

There is the Mahia boating & fishing club located at Mahia Beach on the main reserve, and they regularly have fishing competitions to cater for women, children, families and of course the men. Also the fishing club organises the sandcastle competitions over the summer period, and also the famous big dig which keeps the kids occupied for hours.

Surfcasting, rockfishing, snorkeling are all equally popular; with the rock formation around the coast of the peninsula, there are plenty of great spots.


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